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EESCO Integrated Service Agreement (EISA)

One source of support packaged to meet your needs.

Get more value when you purchase an integrated service agreement for your facility versus standalone component contracts.

Reduce risk of downtime

asset reliability and uptime

Increase project efficiency

total cost of ownership

Address labor constraints

installed base investment

Increase project efficiency

your technical workforce

Address labor constraints

operational efficiency

The EESCO Integrated Service Agreement (EISA) is an exclusive suite of services that enables you to maximize the value of your investments across your facility.

A flexible suite of support services that enables you to maximize the value of your EESCO and Rockwell investments across your facility.

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Customer Agreement


Average Savings*

*Average cost savings for our customers vs purchasing multiple standalone contracts.

EISA Packages

EISA combines EESCO and Rockwell Automation services for a streamlined, cost effective way to access all the support you need to keep your business running efficiently. View the EISA brochure to learn more.


  Base Essential Enhanced Premier
8x5 Product Support      
24x7 System Support  
Plant Floor Health Checks
   Arc Flash Safety Check
   Automation Equipment
   Condition Monitoring
   Lighting Energy Analysis
   Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
   Network Evaluation
   Power Distribution Review
   Storeroom Assessment
   Enclosure Thermal Audit
Business Alignment Workshop
Technology Updates
Contract Management
Annual Repair Agreement  
Contract Usage Analytics and Reports  
Field Services  
Installed Base Evaluation    
Scheduled Maintenance      
Parts Management  
Search for Savings  

Services with a solid checkmark are included: services with a hollow checkmark are available as add-ons.

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