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Network Health Check Addresses Vulnerabilities


Critical infrastructure industries like water and wastewater are under threat of cyber attacks and need immediate guidance to mitigate risks while establishing long-term cybersecurity strategies. A municipality with 12 wastewater facilities contracted EESCO as part of an integrated service contract, to conduct a network health check to identify potential security risks and network issues.


During the network health check, EESCO’s Network IoT engineer discovered over 500 vulnerabilities in the packet capture and a physical security vulnerability — all of which were unknown to the customer. These findings prompted the CFO to move the planned network upgrade from 2024 to 2023 to address these vulnerabilities and improve overall performance. EESCO collaborated with Cisco to provide network design and support in writing documents for federal funding. The project was awarded to EESCO in September, with funding approved for purchase in 2023. EESCO leveraged Rockwell Automation’s Compact Logix and Stratix switches to improve network robustness and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


EESCO’s solution allowed the customer to achieve their business goals of improving network robustness and addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities, resulting in cost reductions and increased productivity. It also enabled the customer to secure funding for the upgrade, allowing them to drive innovation through advanced technology. The project had a significant social and environmental impact as it ensured the safety and cleanliness of the local water supply.

EESCO's solutions allowed the business to:

  • Achieve their goals of improving network robustness and addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Resulted in cost reductions and increased productivity
  • Drive innovation by securing funding for the upgrade
  • Ensured the safety and cleanliness of the local water supply


Are you responsible for a water or wastewater infrastructure industry that could benefit from a network health check?

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