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Assembled Solutions

When your business needs go way beyond ordering parts, Wesco offers a unique set of custom services called Assembled Solutions. From kitting, to assembly, to complete redesigns of your machine controls, Assembled Solutions is a highly flexible, customized approach to helping our customers overcome challenges and achieve their fullest potential.

With over 200 dedicated employees with engineering and manufacturing expertise we can not only build a product, but design it, too. We assemble parts from industry-leading manufacturers into finished products at locations in the U.S., Mexico and Singapore. We have expertise in vertical markets including alternative energy, oil and gas, electronic equipment, people moving equipment, and surface transportation.

And we've worked with all sorts of products — from deep fryers to treadmills, from oil drillers to refueling planes. We've even designed and manufactured the controls for electrical car charging stations. From turnkey production of electronic and electrical assemblies, complex, specialized panels and control boxes built in any size, it's all about our customers' needs.

Assembled Solutions

Our supplier relationships run deep. We offer a vast inventory of product solutions from more than 300 authorized manufacturers. We service a broad spectrum of end markets with an array of product categories including:

  • Industrial Control and Automation
  • Relays and Switches
  • Connectors and Wiring Devices
  • Power Supply and Protection
  • Enclosures
  • Wire and Cable
  • Passive Components
  • Optoelectronics and Lighting
  • Thermal Management
  • Test Equipment
  • Tools and Electronic Hardware
  • Production Supplies
  • Safety and Maintenance Supplies

Assembled Solutions helps our customers...

  • Reduce lead times. By taking steps out of the manufacturing process through kitting and light assembly, we have a proven track record of reducing production schedules from weeks to days.
  • Reduce cost. Through our long-standing supplier relationships, Wesco can partially or fully assemble your devices while removing expense by purchasing parts at lower costs and streamlining the ordering process. Our engineers also find ways to reduce the cost of production and manufacturing through a Lean approach to design.
  • Reduce labor. By using our Assembled Solutions, you can reallocate your labor force towards your core competency. Instead of spending precious time purchasing, receiving, transporting, and assembling, your team can get back to doing what you do best and focus on meeting your customers' demands.
  • Add capacity to meet demand. Customer demand can be difficult to predict. When business opportunities arise, you need to be ready to respond. Our Assembled Solutions allows you to add capacity to your work force when you need it. We take steps out of your production and manufacturing processes, giving your team the ability to take on new orders. And we'll find ways to reduce costs and improve quality.
  • Manage Logistics. We're part of WESCO, a Fortune 500 company with more than 400 locations across the globe. We help customers manage distribution and inventory challenges by utilizing a variety of warehousing and shipping capabilities.
  • Make it Better. Our engineers have a reputation for finding ways to improve your products and devices. We've designed airflow systems to prevent electrical overheating, and we've completely reengineered a prototype design. In doing so, your costs come down, while speed of delivery goes up.

Assembled Solutions Capabilities

  • Cable / sensor assemblies
  • High labor sub-assemblies & content / medium- to high-volume wire harness assemblies
  • Small/Medium / large enclosure builds
  • Mechanical assemblies / motion control
  • KanBan stocking program with JIT delivery
  • Product Kitting
  • Software / firmware control
  • Dedicated engineering departments – Electrical, Mechanical, & Industrial Engineers
  • In-house Solidworks and CAD capabilities
  • State of the art automated wire processing equipment
  • Fiber optic cable assembly equipment
  • Computer server configuration and testing
  • Advanced solder-stations
  • Centralized new product introduction to support all VAS facilities

Our Credentials

Assembled Solutions
  • Dedicated electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering departments
  • UR certified
  • UL 508 registration
  • In-house engineering, design, technical, and sales support
  • CAD and tooling capabilities

What Makes Assembled Solutions Unique?

  • Customized approach
  • Engineering based solutions
  • Electrical and Electronics is our core
  • Over 200 employees
  • Engineering expertise to design and build product dedicated assembly facilities in US and Mexico
  • Assembly capabilities across products from over 300 best-in-class suppliers
  • Key Supplier pricing position
  • Logistics – 400+ locations across the globe allowing for multiple inventory and warehousing options
  • Improve quality and efficiency
  • Design – Build – Deliver (D-B-D)
  • Flexible manufacturing space
  • Can expand to meet production levels
  • Multi-site