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EESCO Lighting


EESCO's Customized Lighting Capabilities

When it comes to meeting customer lighting requirements and customized solutions, EESCO's highly experienced Lighting Team is the only resource you need. Our team's experience and extra-effort approach – enhanced by exciting products from the world's leading lighting suppliers – ensure that you will receive the best and brightest solutions every time.

  • Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Lighting and Energy Audits
  • Lighting MRO Programs
  • Project Management
  • Lamp and Ballast Recycling
  • Total Light Management
  • Legislation Compliance and Utility Rebates

Lighting's Impact on a Building's Energy Use

  • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports that lighting represents 30%-50% of the energy used in most commercial and industrial facilities.
  • 80% of the existing commercial buildings in the U.S. have lighting systems that are 20 years old or older.
  • An average of 1.34 pounds of CO2 is released into the atmosphere per kilowatt hour of electricity used.
  • Wasting electricity carries global and personal health consequences, as well as financial impact for companies.