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Wesco Solutions

Automation Solutions

Wesco has more than 100 sales representatives and 50 Automation Sales Group engineers on staff in its 17 authorized Rockwell Automation locations throughout the company that work directly with customers in factory automation applications and systems development. Wesco's Automation Sales Group supports you from concept through installation. We support, and provide engineering expertise for specific application problems, product demos, and training.

Wesco Managed Solutions

Our Managed Solutions process exemplifies Wesco’s highest level of value creation. Our dedicated specialists collaborate with you to solve your most complex application challenges, resulting in operational improvements and savings for your business. We are your team of trusted advisors – knowledgeable, engaged, and ready to deliver.

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Training Solutions

Wesco is a trusted source for training, information about new code regulations, arc flash safety, and productivity improvement. Wesco's expertise provides value to customers through technical training in a structured classroom setting or informal on-site plant sessions. This training, conducted by Wesco’s staff of engineers, sales personnel and/or supplier personnel, covers all aspects of automation, control, safety, lighting, and software linkages from the plant floor to enterprise management information systems. Our training expertise together with our state-of-the-art training facilities allows us to provide a complete training solution.

Inventory Management and Consolidation Services

E-Stock is an innovative system that streamlines inventory replenishment processes, helping you ensure that critical items are always in stock. Overall inventory levels are tightly managed to meet your goals for both production and profitability. By outsourcing your fulfillment and materials management functions, you gain access to the expertise of a proven leader who can help you significantly reduce your total cost of procurement.

Energy and Lighting Services

Highly trained on-staff energy and lighting specialists are available to provide full Lighting Audits of your facility. Upon completion of the audit, these specialists will propose lighting solutions to help you realize cost savings by upgrading present lighting to more energy-efficient lamps and fixtures.


Wesco is supplying rapid e-enablement to existing customers as well as developing strategic relationships in emerging B2B e-channels. Wesco’s leading edge wireless ordering technology, on-line catalogs, and e-commerce alliances, combined with our traditional comprehensive customer support, give us a unique e-commerce advantage. Wesco eCommerce is our online shopping portal, designed to make finding and ordering the products your business needs as seamless as possible. Register for an account today.