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We know your equipment. Now let’s get started.

Drive Start-Up Assistance with Extended Warranty means a smoother start-up for you as our experienced team gets your new Allen-Bradley® drive or system operational.

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Ask Yourself

  • Does your engineering staff have the expertise to install new standalone drives or systems?
  • Are you confident that they are familiar with the wiring and grounding guidelines and application of power?
  • Do you need a specialist to test the drive before it’s active in your production environment?

We Have the Experience to Help

New equipment installation on or ahead of schedule increases equipment performance.


Reduce risk of downtime

Commission and start-up performed by engineers with industry-leading expertise

Increase project efficiency

Improved on-time production performance and equipment operation

Address labor constraints

Reduced risk of performance problems and premature equipment failures

Increase project efficiency

Factory warranty extended for up to two years from start-up date

Address labor constraints

Reduced total maintenance costs

Your drive start-up will include:

  • Physical inspection and verification of proper drive and motor installation practices prior to the application of power
  • Verification that external control wiring is properly terminated at the drive input and output connection points
  • Confirmation of drive cabling to motor, line feed, and isolation transformer (if applicable)
  • Adjustment of operation parameters, within drive and motor design limitations, to values as appropriate for the application
  • Operation of drive through speed range to verify proper performance
  • Loading of network parameters in the drive (Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet) if remote control option was purchased

What to Expect

Balance of Systems

Kickoff Meeting and Site Preparation

The process begins with a team meeting to review the details of your drive start-up. You will also receive a customer checklist to ensure you are prepared for the Rockwell Automation Authorized Service Provider Service Technician to perform the drive start-up without any delay.

Balance of Systems

On-site Drive Start-up

During this time, the Rockwell Automation Authorized Service Provider Service Technician will follow the necessary steps to verify your drive is commissioned properly. The Technician will review all parameters regarding the drive before completing start-up.

Balance of Systems

Extended Parts Warranty

Your drive warranty will be extended for up to two years from the start-up date.

Contact Us

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